Pendant luminaires

Introducing PROJECT products – a brand new division of ours with decorative luminaires. These products encompass a selection of lights by associated partner companies and cooperation partners. The range focuses strongly on quality, refinement, lighting technology and delivery reliability.

Please allow for a certain period for delivery, as we do not keep these products in stock on a permanent basis.

Our lighting consultants are happy to provide you with further assistance.

A1000 A1001 B1000 

C1000 C1001 C1002
E1000 E1001 E1002
E1003 E1004 E1005
E1006 E1007 E1008
F1000 / F1001 / F1002 G1000 G1004
G1005 / G1006 / G1007 /G1008 H1000 H1001
J1000 J1001 / J1002 / J1003 J1004
L1003 L1004 L1005
M1000 | M1002 | M1003 M1001 | M1004 | M1005 M1007 | M1008
M1015 M1019 | M1020 | M1021 M1026 | M1027 | M1028
N1000 N1001 N1002
N1003 N1004 N1005
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Q1000 | Q1001 Q1004 |Q1005 Q1007 | Q1008
Q1009 Q1010 | Q1011 R1000
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R1002 T1000 T1001