• Designer pendant luminaire made of brushed stainless steel and square shaped glass
  • 2-point steel cord suspension with 1.5 m transparent cable and ceiling mounting in stainless steel
  • Spotlight LED module (SLM)
  • Incl. external LED driver
  • Direct light distribution

Technical specifications

Light source LED (SLM)
Power supply 230V AC / 50Hz
LED driver external
Ta max. 25° C | 35°C with ITM
Risk group (LED) EN 62471:2008
Shell Stainless steel
Ceiling mounting  DRD 140-2
CCO: 110 mm | D: 140 mm
optional accessories LED driver with dim-function (DALI)
LED driver with through wiring
External driver with busbar mounting
(AVE RS165-45 + 2x STS-01)
External driver for ceiling structure
(AVE Q200-2)
LED light colours    
LED optics

LED system power   
Colour glass
Colour shell