LUZBOXextreme S-80

LUZBOXextreme S-80
  • Luminary wall with one sided fabric print
  • ALU profile frame (anodised)
  • LED (SMD)
  • incl. LED driver

Technical specifications

Light source LED (SMD)
Power supply 230V/AC | 50Hz
LED driver internal / external
Ta max. 25°C
Risk group (LED) EN 62471:2008
Housing Aluminium (anodised)
Opional accessories Mouning-set for wall or ceiling mouning
LED light colours
Mouning Wall or ceiling mouning
Sizes 1000x2000mm | 2000x2000mm | 3000x2000mm | 4000x2000mm | 5000x2000mm
own choice
fabric print one side - own choice graphic
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