Always quality and one more idea.

It all began in 1988. DRUTEC was a distribution company and began manufacturing lights. With lots of ideas and engagement, we produced the first lights for our own projects. And from the beginning the lights that excited us came first and then the lights that followed on from those. Light as a medium was and is the DNA of DRUTEC.

With the introduction of LED technology, suddenly ideas and projects could be made a reality that had never been possible with conventional technology. Just as an example: our self-developed light colours for fresh produce - a completely new quality of lighting thanks to LEDs. We finish all of our LED components here on site. For this, we only use the highest quality material from our European suppliers. This way we can guarantee that our customers get a sustainable and high quality product.

The almost unlimited possibilities of LED technology, the experience from the countless projects we have completed and the creativity of our development division: this triad makes for new solutions and products again and again, which have one goal - to make our customers’ wishes come true.


Auf mehr als 100 Seiten finden Sie unsere Lichtlösungen für den professionellen Einsatz. Vom zeitlosen Klassiker bis zur aktuellen Designleuchte, von Einbau- über Pendelleuchte bis hin zu Lichtsteuerung. Hier den DRUTEC Katalog 2018 bestellen oder gleich losblättern.

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